Healthcare is individualized.

You are presented with choices, knowledge, recommendations, guidance.

Your needs are met during appointments only.

This includes:

  • prescriptions & refills
  • orders for testing for upcoming appointments
  • review of diagnostic tests
  • medical and health care advice and guidance.

Call at least 24 hours prior to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

If this is less than 24 hours there will be a charge for this appointment.

This fee is due prior to your next appointment and will not be paid by your insurance company.


Our Focus is prevention, health promotion & wellness

Paulette Kirby,

Family Nurse Practitioner

Kirby Health Care can be part of your healthcare team 

Clinic policies

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Paulette Kirby Family Nurse Practitioner

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"We Listen"

Be proactive with your wellness

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We can help when you are ill, have chronic illness or concerns or want to increase

your wellness.